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Perth WA

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Perform for a live audience at one of Perth's Open Mic Nights.



The Brass Monkey Open Mic & The Windsor Open are run by Perth musician Shaun Street.  0419936336 or

General information

what nights do you run?

Perth Open Mic is delighted to host three Open Mic nights in Perth, WA each week.  Each night has it's own vibe, so check out the videos & photos to get an idea of each.  

  • Tuesdays: Brass Monkey, Northbridge, 8-late

  • Wednesdays: Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth,, 7-10pm

  • Thursdays: Broken Hill Hotel, Victoria Park 7-10pm

Can i play covers or originals?

Yes.  Play whatever you think will work best.  We'll ask you what your style is, maybe hear a demo, so we can find the best time slot and venue for you.  For example if you play solemn, folk ballads we won't put you on at 10.30 at the Brass Monkey when it's really rowdy.

how long can i play?

It depends.  At some venues 40 minutes is great, but if you've only got 3 songs, we'd rather you let us know that & have a go.  We're here to help you get on stage.  

What about my band?

The Hyde Park on Wednesdays is just perfect for bands, so we'd love to have you.  Just like any gig though, you'll need to play to the size of the room.  So if people leave because something is too loud, we'll ask you to stop.  

do i have to book in?

We're aware that in most of the world, open mics don't take bookings, but here in Perth it seems to be what most prefer.  So book in to avoid disappointment, but in most cases we'll be able to squeeze you in anyway.  

how do i book in?

There’s a clever form on the frontpage of this site. Fill it in or contact Shaun if you have queries. 0419936336 or   

can i sing to backing tracks

No. We make that one distinction between Open Mic & Karaoke. A live instrument must be involved in the performance.


We supply the Front of House PA, 2 vocal mics/stands, kick/cajon mic, 20 channel desk & lights.  If you need anything more, please just let me know.  I'm sure we can work it out.  

Generally speaking, just bring your acoustic guitar or keyboard that plugs into the PA.  If you're bringing anything else, just let me know. 

The equipment provided is the same that Shaun uses every weekend for private, pubs & weddings.  It's professional equipment and better than most.  For those technically minded, here's a list:

  • HK Lucas series FOH inc sub

  • Two 400W Samson foldbacks

  • Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixer

  • 2 Shure Beta58 mics on stands

  • 2 sets of 4 LED lights

  • 1 music stand


I'll ask you for your promotional photo & preferred website.  This is so we can promote your appearance on Facebook & in the venue.  Please like

See videos of performances hosted by Perth Open Mic here.

Keep me in the loop when you’re doing something special; recording etc.  I’m always looking for things to mention in my newsletter.

Otherwise I’d love you to tell your friends about our nights.  People enjoying live music is what keeps us going.  

code of conduct

(General advice from a musician who has performed more gigs than you).

  • Be ready to go before you hit the stage. Tune up, set up your cheat sheets & stands, before you waste your performance time.

  • Don’t unplug your guitar until the sound engineer has muted the channel. Otherwise it goes bang & you look stupid.

  • Never ask the audience how it sounds out the front. It’s really rude. I’ve seen sound engineers walk away from the desk.

  • Tell people you’re playing. This isn’t your bedroom.

  • Leave your superstar attitude at home. I’m looking at you rappers!

  • Perth Open Mic is looking for stuff to brag about, so if you’re releasing music, had a big break etc. let us know for your promotion and ours.

  • Perth Open Mic doesn’t mind who wrote the songs your performing.

  • We also have no idea how many songs should be in your set. Songs are different lengths, so I’m sure you can work it out.